This, That, + the Other Thing: Fashion Edition.

Today, a miscellany of fashion finds I’m into ATM…

+Having a jumpsuit moment. I wish I’d gotten this hot pink ditty from Rachel Comey before it sold out in my size, but I love this army green one from VB, and Madewell always has great styles for less (also this). I like the idea of pairing these with an unexpected Hermes scarf around the neck and a designer bag (seen above) to balance out the utility vibes.

+Speaking of that Celine bag: I haven’t bought a new designer bag in awhile, but feel that now that my children are older and we are out of the baby days, I would like to have something that is somewhere between a crossbody and a tote. I think this Celine is it. Big enough for some kid diversions, a packet of wipes, etc., but small enough to look like it’s a dedicated part of my outfit. I really like it in this unusual forest green color. Then again, this gray style with the dramatic gold hardware?! Ugh. Delicious. I think I will marinate on this for awhile but may take a trip to the store to investigate size (it appears there is a smaller one, seen above, and a larger one) and color more closely. Honestly, I haven’t coveted a designer bag in awhile, but all of the sudden, I can’t stop thinking about one of these new Celine bags.

+I also want to note that there are two lovely-looking look-for-less variations on the Celine here and here. I might be inclined to swap out the straps they come with for one of these webbed ones (quality is so good for the price — I have one of these and I think the hardware looks much nicer than what you’d expect for the price). I am half inclined to buy one of these to see how I like the size/style before making the Celine plunge. Either way, a great “midway” bag for those of us between baby and big kid years. Another possible option: this ultra-chic Oroton. such a great shape and size.

+I think these boxy striped shirts are going to be a part of my new daily uniform rotation. A new silhouette for the new year. Imagine with layered gold necklaces (love this one as a starting point) and fun sneaks like these or these.

+Kule makes socks that make me so happy. I know a lot of us have talked about realizing that constant happiness is not possible but that finding small slivers or pockets of joy throughout the day is, and I don’t know what it is about a pair of happy new socks that brings me a little lift. I first discovered this with my Alo running socks. They are thick and warm and soft and come in the cheeriest colors, and I love the retro fitness Barbie vibes they serve up. Every time I look down while running, I feel the tiniest bit happier. (Also, Wahoowa.)

+Isabel Marant meets SEA at J. Crew prices. I saw this and immediately imagined a cool street style starlet picking up her children from school in it with hair loose and probably that Celine bag I mentioned over her shoulder. So cool!

+Still loving fair isle and found two great options: this pink Kitri and this brown Meadows.

+This $29 top, in the beige color, gives me Carolina Herrera energy.

+If I were pregnant, I’d be all over this dress. Would work with bump and also post-partum (buttons for nursing and a nice loose fit). Also, it looks super soft.

+The colors on these warm boots are fab. They’d totally make an outfit! They also come in a classic neutral. The minute I saw these and wanted to pair them with this fabulous dramatic puffer coat. If you waltzed by me in this look, I’d be mesmerized. Who is that woman? Such great and unusual pieces/colors.

+Adorable bi-fold wallet. Such great colors! I feel like Mark Cross is an underrated genius.

+Not fashion but have to share this random thought: I have been heavy into the “organize and purge everything” mode (ahem) and just discovered this tea bag organizer. Have I gone off the deep end or does it feel curative to imagine transferring the mish-mash of loose tea bags currently hanging out in a big zippered baggie into organized rows in this? I don’t feel the need to always move things from the boxes they came in into tidy clear bins — that feels wasteful to me at times. But here is an instance where I have tons of loose bags in a jumble…

+Also not fashion but could use some intel: is anyone passionate about a kitchen rug/runner (preferably both – we like to have one long one by the sink/dishwasher, 2×6 or 2×7 or something, and one smaller one by the stove, 2×3-ish)? We had this great pair I bought on a crazy sale at OKL that felt right out of the pages of S&L — blue and white stripes and so happy! But they are horribly stained now and cannot be laundered or cleaned. I did find this $15 one (also comes in a cute gingham) that is machine washable and very happy-looking and, at $15, would not make me feel sick if we end up ruining it. (Also, note the non-slip underside.) But the pastel colors are giving me pause — we work hard in our kitchen! And I wish it came in a matching longer runner size. Another thought would be a woven/sisal type but I’d prefer to add color! Any thoughts? Help!

P.S. Great bags for everyday adventures.

P.P.S. Under-$110 thrills.

P.P.P.S. Are you good at negotiating?

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