Simplest and easy method to season Cast iron skillet

I use a cast iron skillet and cast iron pan in my everyday cooking. With time seasoning of cast iron pan withers off. Seasoning the cast iron skillet and pan keep them good for years and your cast iron will last for generations. Here’s a simple method of how to maintain and season cast iron.  

Cast iron pan or skillet is a useful cooking equipment which has had an essential place in every kitchen since ages. Let me walk you through the step by step method to Season cast iron skillet at home.

Undoubtedly, you can rely on your cast iron pan for cooking different recipes. But before you do that, do not forget to season your pan at any cost. What does that mean?  Well, I am here to clear all your doubts regarding seasoning a cast iron pan.

The durability and reliability of cast iron pan as a cooking tool makes it as an essential part of any kitchen. Let me tell you, seasoning a cast iron skillet at home is really simple – just a bit of elbow grease and your cast iron skillet will be as good as the pre-seasoned pan. It is really an important step, do not skip it if you want maximum results from your cast iron skillet.

Seasoning, in this case, has nothing to do with salt or spices. Seasoning is a process that can be described as a hard, protective coating that is formed by heating incredibly thin layers of fat (like oil) on the cast iron. This process is termed as polymerization.

A proper cast iron seasoning protects the cookware from rusting, provides a non-stick surface for cooking, and prevents food from interacting with the iron of the pan. After three to four times of repeating the process of seasoning, you get a non-greasy, blackened coating which protects the cast iron. 

Once you have seasoned your cast iron pan properly, you can simply enjoy non-stick cooking easily. Use it to cook eggs or chicken or bake your brownies, it serves all purposes – just don’t forget to season your cast iron pan time to time.
Myths regarding Cast Iron Pan
Before I begin with the instructions of seasoning a cast iron pan, let me clear out the myths regarding cast iron pans.
Most people think that cast iron pan is difficult to maintain and gets damaged easily. Well, if this would be the case then years old cast iron pans won’t exist in a usable condition. The reality is that cast iron pans are really strong. The stuff is built to last and it’s very difficult to completely ruin it. Simply season your cast iron pan time to time to store it for years. People believe that well-seasoned cast iron pans are a lot similar to non-stick pans. It is true that seasoning provides a non-stick surface for cooking but the frequent seasoning is very important for retaining the non-stick properties for cast iron pans. Still, there is a huge difference between cast iron pans and non-stick pans. Seasoning is a thin layer of oil that coats the inside of your cast iron pan. Soap is designed to remove oil, that is why soap can damage cast iron seasoning. THIS IS THE MYTH. The reality is that seasoning is actually not a thin layer of oil, it’s a thin layer of polymerized oil, a key distinction. In the process to season cast iron in which seasoning has been repeated thrice, the oil breaks down into plastic-like substance. This plastic-like substance gets bonded to the surface of the metal. This makes well-seasoned cast iron to work like non-stick, and as the material is no longer actually an oil, the dish soap should not affect it easily. So, you can wash your cast iron pan with soap without any hesitation.
One thing that should be avoided completely is leaving your cast iron pan in the washing sink for a longer time.
How to Season Cast Iron Pan- Watch Video

Now, the step by step method of How to Season your Cast Iron Skillet.

Materials Required
Dish soap Sponge Clean dry cloth and paper towels Vegetable oil (or any other oil of your choice) Cast iron pan
Wash your pan using dish soap with the help of a sponge.

Dry up the pan using clean dry cloth.

Pour some oil in the pan. Rub your pan evenly with oil using a paper towel.

Turn on the heat. Place your cast iron pan on the stove. After 2-3 minutes, reduce the flame to low. Let the pan heat for next 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, turn off the gas. Now, pour some oil again in the pan. Rub the pan evenly with the oil carefully using paper towel. Turn on the gas again. Let the pan heat for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, turn off the gas. Let the cast iron pan cool down. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times more. Now, remove excess oil from your cast iron pan with the help of a paper towel.

Your cast iron pan is ready to use now.
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