Simple Ideas To Organize A Laundry Room

If you want easy, everyday ideas on how to organize your laundry room… I’m so happy you are here! I just refreshed my very average, modest-sized laundry room with a few affordable organizing items and some cute home decor tweaks and I’m so happy to be sharing my simple ideas on how to organize a laundry room. All easy to duplicate, for a pretty and practical laundry room! 

Welcome to day 20 of our 4 week Cleaning & Organizing Challenge. Today I’m sharing some of the best tips and ideas for good closet organization. Following the Free Printable Checklist/Calendar, Jess Mom4Real and I are continuing to share our completed tasks & projects with you.
Click the link below for our checklist and jump-in anytime, you can work at your own pace!

If you followed along for the 4 week challenge, please forgive my delay in getting this last project up. We had a few things come up and it couldn’t be helped.

My laundry room is located in our lower level walk-out basement, and it’s the one room in the house that doesn’t have a single window.  So please excuse the lighting.

It’s also a shared room, in that it is a combination laundry room & powder bathroom.

When you saw it last, I was sharing my jewelry organizing ides.

I’ve since decided to utilize this counter space 100% for laundry use.

When we installed the cabinets and counter, I intentionally had a small gap left between them and the wall, so that I could have the perfect spot for my ironing board. I’ve never regretted it. It’s so easy to get to, yet never in the way!

There is also room for a small space-saving folding step stool, and even my bathroom scale! Again, both so easy to grab quickly for frequent use. 

If you have a traditional top load washing machine, and are a shorty like me, having a step in front of the washing machine is such a help!

Making a step for our top load washer was a simple DIY. We used some scrap wood, and simply attached a frame to the side of the cabinet and the back wall. Then a top piece to the frame. Followed by caulk and paint for a finished look that matches the cabinet base. 

We kept the step the same depth as the cabinet for a smooth transition. This eliminates accidental toe kicking, yet it’s plenty wide to access the washing machine tub safely and comfortably. 

The ceiling in our bathroom is fairly low and it has a slant as well. To keep things feeling light and open, we opted for an open shelf rather than cabinets over our washer and dryer. 
Simplifying what was on my shelf, I decided to leave just my glass detergent dispenser. With the push down toggle, it’s easy to reach and operate. 
With more free space, I added some greenery to give a little life to the room. Which looks much clearer, brighter and more cheerful in person. Artificial light does not photograph well at all.

And while I still absolutely love the chunky wood shelf we made out of vintage reclaimed crown moulding, it’s a little far for me to reach. These are the adjustments I made, and they suite me so much better. 

Now, I’m keeping my washing soda right next to the washer tub. It’s in a thick glass lidded jar, which I adore, but it’s heavy. I feel this is a much safer location for it, as opposed to me really reaching to get it on and off the shelf every time I want to add a scoop to a load of laundry. 

The same with my wool dryer balls! It’s so much faster and more efficient to have them literally right within reach. 
Since this is a shared space, the WAKE UP art makes sense in here for me, where as in a traditional stand-alone laundry room, it might not. It’s the first thing I see in the morning and the bold black & white adds a nice punch to the message! 

When we hung the chunky DIY wood shelf, we also made a simple wood box to help camouflage the water lines for the washing machine. It’s not fancy, but it beats looking at a white plastic insert, water lines and brightly colored knobs! I painted it the same color as the wall and I’ve been so happy with it!

Speaking of painting… when I took these photos, the camera really magnified what a disparity there is between the ultra bright white of my washer and dryer, and the creamy soft white of my vanity! I was already considering updating the soft grey walls, and now I think I need a whole new plan because that vanity needs some kind of attention. Or replacing. 

When I was organizing our laundry room, just for fun I changed out the knob hardware on the cabinet doors and the vanity with some cute chunky wood & brass ones that I had in my stash. I happened to have an extra, so I added it to the vintage glass bin lid. I’m using it to store my face cloths. 

It’s nice to have them right where I need them, as my facewash and eye make-up remover are located right under the sink. Plus it’s so handy to just roll them up right out of the dryer and tuck them away! 

Behind the entry door, on the wall opposite of the commode, I’ve got a hardworking wood & metal shelf.
For being a free-standing piece, it’s such a great fit for this space.

After purging and re-organizing it’s actually looking a bit bare! 
Of course, I don’t have my laundry that needs ironing hanging up right now… (I spared you that) but the bar it so perfect for that.

And hang drying too. I hang all my intimates, the delicate elastic doesn’t fare well with the heat of a dryer. Being in the Pacific Northwest, it’s nice to have somewhere indoors for that. 

The three baskets on top are pretty & practical — holding my cleaning rags, hand towels, and extra washcloths. 

Those are the baskets I kept sharing with you guys because the price was so good. I told you I was getting more too, and boy am I glad I did because they are perfect here! They are the Water Hyacinth Baskets, and you get set of FOUR baskets! [click here].

Because I had a little extra room, my bunny came to help oversee my laundry duties. And he also makes sure I put the clothes pins back when I am done with them.  

And yes, we are still sporting the DIY wood plank wall we installed using fence board! For us, it was a great fix/cover up for our rough, poured in place concrete wall.

It was fast, easy, has held up well… and only cost $28.00 to complete! We did this prior to shiplap being so popular. It’s a less refined look, a bit more rustic. Sometimes, we can’t all afford to do major renovations or remodel, and I think having less expensive options to fix things up is nice, and I enjoy sharing them with you. 

My house and head feel so much lighter as I’ve reached the end of our cleaning and organizing challenge. I hope you feel the same!

Want to know a secret? Organizing has a profound affect on my mental health. I love how relaxed I feel in my home when everything is neat, clean and tidy. I’ve always liked to clean, because I love the results and how it feels afterwards. I feel the same about organizing. The act itself is such a calming activity for me. Going through our things… accessing, purging,  and keeping only what we need and use. It’s so satisfying as it falls back into place. Better.

Also, I’ve found that when things get hectic, overwhelming, or I don’t feel in control… it’s nice to have something that I can take in-hand, tackle, and dominate! lol 
And the best gift of all, is that an organized home is easier to clean, to keep clean, and overall just works better for ourselves and our families. Love & light, Shan

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