Last Week’s Thrifty Moves


Hello my friends!


A combination of Christmas, birthday,
prepping & grocery shopping

Sunday morning I awoke to a good inch or so of snow on the ground and it was still falling.  In fact, it showed all day.  I had planned to go grocery shopping, but was waffling on whether or not I really wanted to go.  Giving my daughter a ride to work was the perfect opportunity for me to get a move on so I showered and dressed, fixed myself a hot cup of coffee and headed out the door.


A small haul from Albertsons

Dollar Tree was my first stop for stocking stuffers and a few items I needed to complete my big gift for my girls.  I also did a little bit of prepper pantry shopping while I was there.  Then to Cash & Carry for a handful of items before stopping at Albertsons on the way home to pick up a couple chuck roasts that were on sale for $1.99, a bag of markdown bananas, some green onions and a few other items I had really good coupons for.


A few items from Cash & Carry

I got sliced cheese, lunchmeat, coffee and cereal all on sale and with 50% OFF coupons as well as a FREE yogurt from my store rewards card offer.  I also picked up several cans of my daughter's favorite canned soup for the prepper pantry.


Prepper pantry items

When I got home I finished the big Christmas gifts I've been working on for my girls.  I can hardly wait for them to open them on Christmas morning and to share them with you as well.  They are going to be so excited.  Once I was done with their gifts I went ahead and wrapped them so they are all ready to go under the tree next month.  They are safely tucked away in the downstairs bedroom closet for now.  I also rounded up all of the stocking stuffer items I've accumulated so far.


I have been putting items in my cart on Amazon for some other Christmas and birthday gifts for my girls.  Monday morning I placed my order and everything arrived on Tuesday.  I tried to do some in person shopping last week and that was a bust.  One of the stores we love Vanity Fair Outlet is closing its doors which makes us very sad.  We've lost so many of our favorite places to shop.  Instead I did some more shopping on Amazon and eBay later in the week and with those two orders placed I'm almost done!  Once everything arrives I'll start wrapping.


Just a few items for gift wrapping & some birthday candles

I wrapped the gifts had completed on Sunday using all items I already had on hand.  When I went to dollar tree on Sunday morning I picked up some extra tissue paper and rolls of tape as well as packing tape in case we run out.  With those items added to our gift wrap organizer (yes, I still love it!) we have plenty of supplies to see us through the birthday and holiday season at this house.



Saturday the youngest and I attempted to do some more Christmas and birthday shopping.  She needed to shop for her sister.  We stopped into a thrift store while out and about and I scored a brand new pair of Clarks slippers still in the box for $6.97!


Yay, yay, yay! 😍

I also found some darling Corelle Christmas coffee cups I've been thinking about.  They want way too much for these on eBay plus the shipping is ridiculous.  I thought it would be a nice addition to our everyday white dishes so when I happened across these for only $1.39 each it wasn't difficult to make the decision.  My daughter was super excited to find them and insisted I go for it.  She is becoming a bad influence on me these days.


"Excuse me, would you mind letting me in?"

The cold, frosty and wet weather made it necessary to finally turn on our main heating source.  I think this is the longest we have ever gone before turning it on so no complaints from me.  In addition we still use the electric fireplace everyday because we absolutely love it.  We also have the infrared heater set up in case it really dips down cold as it helps supplement our baseboard electric heating quite nicely.


And because a lot of you like this part here are some of the 15 Minute Chores I accomplished to keep my home in order: 

Laundry Room & Half Bathroom - vacuumed & mopped floors.  Daily swish & swipe. 

Dining Room - vacuumed & mopped floor. 

Kitchen -  vacuumed & mopped floor, cleaned sink, microwave & rangehood. 

Bedrooms & Main Bathroom - vacuumed & dusted.  Daily swish & swipe. 

Other - two large loads of laundry, vacuumed & dusted living room, hallway & entry.  Swept the front porch & garage.  Raked leaves twice (it is that time of year). 


We ate very well last week too

How was your thrifty week?