I like the style of the floating cabinet in our powder room, but it’s very limited on actual storage space

I’ve had a hard time finding an under bathroom sink organizer that would fit around the pipes in this tiny cabinet.

Over the years, I purchased a few options – but each time I broke my own cardinal rule and didn’t measure first, so not surprisingly, none of them fit.

As a result, the cabinet ended up looking like this for far too long…

I know I’m not the only one with a very small cabinet in the powder room, so I’m excited to share some tiny bathroom storage ideas with you!

Have a larger cabinet that you need to organize? Then you’ll want to check out my tips for organizing under the master bathroom sink.

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How to Organize Under the Bathroom Sink

When I finally got serious about organizing our small bathroom storage cabinet, I took careful measurements. I knew that in order to make the most of this small space, I needed to figure out how to add a shelf under the bathroom sink.

After doing some research, I found a flexible under bathroom sink storage solution that would actually fit my small, modern powder room vanity.

Before I started organizing, I emptied everything out of the cabinet and wiped it down so I could start with a clean, blank slate.

I assembled the frame of the shelving unit outside of the cabinet first, but when I went to put it in place, I realized the top, back bar needed to be assembled in place in order to fit behind the pipe. Fortunately, it was a quick fix.

With the shelf frame in place, I was able to start placing the adjustable shelves. They come in two different widths, allowing the flexibility to fit them around your unique pipe configuration.

My careful measurements paid off this time around, and the clear handled bins I chose fit just right on the top shelf in our powder room cabinet!

A clear, divided bin was perfect for storing feminine products and organizing tampons and pads.

I’m always a proponent of adding labels to make it easier to keep things organized, but labels are especially important in shared spaces. It can be awkward for guests to ask for what they need when it comes to matters of the bathroom, so adding labels can make it easier for them to find what they need and feel comfortable helping themselves.

After filling up the bin full of feminine products, I added a cute label using my Cricut.

Another, deeper clear handled bins provides the perfect hand towel storage for this small bathroom cabinet.

I had a few things – like my toilet cleaner and air freshener) that were too tall for the bottom shelf, but I realized they fit perfectly in front of the pipes where there was no shelf top shelf. Tucking them right behind that front bar still makes them easy to take on and off the shelf.

After organizing the cabinet and creating a dedicated space for everything, I wanted to add a little something extra.

Each morning when I open the cabinet in my master bathroom, it makes me smile {see why!}, so I wanted to add a little surprise behind the cabinet door in our powder room to make our guests smile as well.

I cut the text on my Cricut using removable, adhesive vinyl, and then used transfer tape to apply it to the cabinet face where it’s hidden when the door is closed.

Small Space Bathroom Storage

Our powder room storage cabinet may be tiny, but with some smart organizing we’ve been able to make the most of this space. Thanks to the adjustable under sink organizer shelf and some clear handled bins, I was able to fit all of the powder room essentials into this cabinet.

Under Bathroom Sink Cabinet Storage Tips for Powder Rooms

I hope that these small bathroom storage ideas have been helpful. To summarize, keep these key tips in mind:

Make a list of the essentials for the powder room cabinet, keeping guests in mind. Consider including: extra toilet paper, air freshener, extra hand towels, and feminine products. Store non-essential items elsewhere when space is limited.

Take careful measurements, including the location of pipes, height, width, and depth before purchasing any organizers. Look for solutions that are adjustable and expandable. Consider also using the space on the back of the door for extra storage (as illustrated here).

Use appropriately sized bins to keep smaller items contained and organized. Smaller bins for specific items typically work better than larger baskets. It’s easier to find things, and easier to keep the cabinet organized when everything has a dedicated space.

Add Labels. Adding labels is always a good idea, but especially in shared spaces. In the powder room cabinet, labels make it easier for guests to find what they need and feel comfortable helping themselves.

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