How to Be Prepared and Order Christmas Supplies In Advance

Get ahead of the holiday rush and order Christmas supplies now. Tips for what to buy in advance so you aren’t desperately searching the stores in the days leading up to Christmas.

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Taking an inventory of what you’ll need for the upcoming holidays, and ordering the supplies you will need ahead of time is a great way to reduce the stress of the holiday season.

I like to order some of our Christmas supplies way in advance, because I find that I need some of those Christmas supplies for Thanksgiving, and I end up needing them in November.

How to Be Prepared and Order Christmas Supplies in Advance

Before you start shopping online, it’s a good idea to get out your Christmas decorations (we have ours stored in tubs), and go through what you already have.

You can declutter items you no longer need, and get a good idea of what you might need for the upcoming season.

After going through your Christmas things, make a list of things you’ll need for the upcoming season.

Here’s a list of items to give you some ideas:

Order Christmas Supplies

It's a good idea to get several different types of batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, etc.) so you'll have what you need.

Nice to have if you want to keep all of your Christmas wrapping supplies together in one container. This is great for moving from room to room if you end up needing to wrap presents in different locations.

Good quality gift-wrap tape makes wrapping presents SO much easier. This is my absolute favorite tape for wrapping presents.

Gift bags in lots of shapes and sizes makes wrapping presents even easier. Great for last minute gifts! I like to buy a set of these each year, and we re-use them year after year.

Perfect for using with gift bags, or to attach to a small gift like a coffee mug or a bottle of wine.

Makes clean up much easier during the busy season. Especially useful when you already have a sink full of dishes!

Perfect for make-ahead meals, freezer meals, and messy casseroles.

Another way to cut down on dishes. Nice to have during the holidays when you may need more sheet pans to get your baking done.

Perfect for hanging on fireplace, over a door, or even on a wall for an easy, cute Christmas decoration.

I love this Caramel Advent Calendar from Uncommon Goods! They have other advent calendars on their site that you might like.

Start a fun Christmas tradition with matching holiday pajamas for the whole family. A good idea to order these ahead of time in case they start to run out of the sizes you'll need.

Even if you plan to do photo cards this year, it's always good to have some extra cards on hand.

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By shopping online and ordering items in advance, you’ll save time and money this holiday season!

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