Did your last water bill have you wondering how to save water at home?  The cost of water will continue to rise as the probability of extended droughts increase.  Saving water around the home is an easy way to save money and reduce your family’s...

Saving Water Inside the Home Bathrooms
Reduce shower times.  Even reducing the amount of time spent in the shower by a few minutes can help.  If you are on water restrictions consider installing a timer which will automatically turn off the hot water after a specified time.

Make short showers fun for children by putting on their favourite song.  Tell them their challenge is to finish washing themselves by the time the song is over.

This inexpensive digital shower wall clock from Amazon can help to time your showers and doesn’t require any installation.

Place a bucket in the shower with you to collect water.  The water can then be put on your lawns.

Don’t leave the taps running while you brush your teeth.  Turn them on only when you actually need the water.

Only flush the toilet for a number two.  This sounds a bit off but it isn’t necessary to flush after a wee if you are on severe water restrictions.
If you can afford it buy a water efficient dishwasher or consider washing dishes by hand.  Only wash dishes when the dishwasher is full.

If you have two sinks place a small amount of clean water in the second sink for rinsing off the dishes instead of running water over each one.

Put two inches of water in your sink to wash produce from the garden instead of running water over each leaf or vegetable.
If you can afford it buy a water efficient washing machine.

Only wash when you have a full load.  If you find you run out of underwear before you have a full load of clothes buy more pairs so you can wash less often.

Divert washing machine water into a grey water system.
Grey Water Systems
Grey water systems divert water from kitchen sinks, baths, showers, bathroom sinks and laundries through a filter.  It can then be used on the garden or reused to flush toilets.

Grey water does not include sewerage, that is anything with faecal matter in it.  Grey water can be naturally filtered and treated using plants and natural organisms however you will need space in your garden to do this.
How to Save Water Outside the Home Watering Plants
Only water lawns early in the morning or late in the evening.  The roots will take up more water and less will evaporate.

Make a ridge of soil around each plant to keep water at their roots where it is needed.
A mound of soil surrounds the rose to keep water where it is needed.
Consider planting vegetables under shade cloth during the summer to reduce moisture evaporation.

Apply a thick layer of mulch around each plant to prevent moisture loss.

Consider taking out any plants that require a lot of water then replacing with drought tolerant plants that require little water once established.  Experiment with cacti and succulents. They can create a stunning display and have unusual flowers.

Consider planting food crops in pots. The saucer will collect any excess water then the plant will use this water as it needs it.
Saving Water
Replace any leaking hoses.

Check all taps regularly for any leaks.

Invest in a water tank to collect the water from your roof. There are many different shapes available that can fit into small spaces.

For climates with hot dry summers consider putting down paving or pebbles instead of lawn around your home.  Raised garden beds dotted around will provide the greenery you need while greatly reducing water consumption in trying to keep the lawns alive.

If you don’t want to build a raised garden bed from scratch try these top rated garden beds from Amazon.
It can be difficult to change lifelong habits but small changes can go a long way to improving your water usage around your home.

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