Weekend homeschool links: June 11th

So proud of our first homeschool graduate–congratulations, Trishna!

You won’t want to miss the second video in our Homeschooling with Purpose free workshop series!
It’s my favorite, full of golden advice about how to transform a bad homeschool day–
get access here!

Weekend homeschool links:

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Are you a fan of the program Five in a Row? If so you might love Ivy Kids! Both feature unit studies around classic kids’ books, but Ivy Kids SENDS the book & ALL the supplies you’ll need each month.

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It’s common to have one or more reluctant young writers in your homeschool. But Night Zookeeper’s creative writing platform will inspire them to overcome their fear of the blank page and share their writing with children from around the world!
They’ll receive positive feedback from a team of tutors, while in-game awards and competitions will keep them motivated to continue making progress–check it out with a 7-day trial now!

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