Top 3 Nostalgic Things That Are Making A Comeback

Ah nostalgia, it’s a wonderful feeling. I love looking back at life and thinking about all the things that made that time special. We all become attached to certain things when we’re younger, and they become imprinted on our minds in a special way. So, when we recall them, we get that happy feeling of days gone by. 

But, things get even better when the source of your nostalgia makes a roaring comeback. I’m sure you’ve seen many things return to the world after decades of being in the wilderness. The only thing better than fondly recalling things is getting to enjoy them again! Here are a few of my favorite nostalgic things that are making a comeback:

Lava lamps

Every household in the 90s had at least one lava lamp. They were around before this, and they represented a unique piece of home decor. Adults bought them because they wanted to seem trendy, but they were often a great gift for kids as well. I remember thinking they were so cool and marveling at how they worked. Did you think it was real lava in the lamps? Yeah…me either…

Anyway, lava lamps are making a big comeback as people are putting them in their homes once more. They come with more of a retro vibe now, but they’re still an awesome idea as a little night light in a kid’s bedroom. 

Bazooka Joe

There were so many different candies back when you were growing up. Loads of these got discontinued or changed dramatically. For those who remember, Bazooka Joe was a bit hit in the 80s and 90s. It was tasty bubblegum that came with a mini-comic strip on the inside of the packaging. We used to open them up and laugh at the cringe jokes all the time. 

For a time, the company in charge of this brand got rid of the comics and tried to update the gum design. It didn’t work, leaving us longing for those better days. Well, now you can get Bazooka gum in its retro packaging with remakes of the old comics! Seeing the packaging alone is enough to drown you in a wave of nostalgia. If you were around when these were in their pomp, then you’ll instantly be taken back when you pop one in your mouth. 

Board games

More of a general thing, but a nostalgic one nonetheless. When we were younger, board games were a staple of family entertainment. Everyone would gather around the dining room table to play classics like Monopoly or Cluedo. Then, video games came around and families didn’t play games like they used to. 

Well, board games have made a massive comeback, and many companies are throwing out ‘classic’ versions to increase the nostalgia. Even in the video game era, nothing beats an afternoon of board games with your family

Are you feeling nostalgic after reading this? Feel free to comment with any suggestions for things that I haven’t included, or that are special to you and your family. I’m intrigued to know what other nostalgic things have made a big comeback. 

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