This family held a ‘Quarantine Olympics.’ Here’s how they did it

From left: Lee Presley, Taylor Sharpe and Zach Presley compete in a ping pong pan trick shot challenge during Alex Presley’s “Quarantine Olympics.” | YouTube screenshot

SALT LAKE CITY — The Presley family, of North Carolina, made the most of their quarantine time during the coronavirus pandemic by holding a “Quarantine Olympics.”

“There’s no sports, there’s no games, there’s nothing to watch on TV, so we usually play like board games and card games at night, and I was just like, ‘We have to try something new,’” Alex Presley, creator of the “Quarantine Olympics,” told ESPN.

Alex Presley, his twin brother Zach, dad Lee, mom Wendy and girlfriend Taylor Sharpe used everyday household items to compete in a variety of events between April and June. Alex Presley’s videos of the challenges have accumulated millions of views.

The events, available to watch on Alex Presley’s TikTok and YouTube accounts, include a blindfolded burger taste test, a sock slide challenge, blindfolded toilet paper dodgeball, a ping pong pan trick shot challenge and a stair sledding bobsled challenge, among many others.

The group is now competing in a new series of challenges titled “The Summer Games.”