This 6' Inflatable Dart Board Looks Like a Real Good Time - and It Can Float in the Pool!

When a relaxing beach getaway didn't happen this year, I made do with a sand pit and a homemade frozen margarita in my backyard instead. (I know you can relate.) But just because travel plans had to be put on hold this summer doesn't mean that days have to be boring. In fact, it's easy to turn your time at home into an exciting staycation, especially when you have something like this 6' Inflatable Dartboard ($100)!

The massive at-home game from Hammacher Schlemmer gives your lawn fun summer camp vibes with its colorful, circular board that inflates in five minutes. You and your friends or family will love aiming for the star in the center with the easy-to-grip foam darts while sipping on a few drinks. You can even challenge each other to a game of Around the Clock, where players must hit every single number on the board plus the bullseye in ascending order. The more you drink, the harder this gets! The best part about this dartboard, though, is that it can be set up in the pool or on grass, so you can play with it in the water too! Keep reading to shop it now.