The September Climate Action Bingo Challenge


Iam starting the post off with a game in mind, fine-tuned to be in sync and relevant to our daily activities in life — A Climate Action Bingo Challenge! Hear me out so we can all do it together, as an individual, family, or community. Be spontaneous and challenge one another! There’s no waking up when September ends. It’s now!


It is similar to the traditional Bingo games — a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal strike will earn you some brownies. But you can also be creative and critical! Inner box, outer box, an X of the 5×5 board, or even complete all 25 boxes. In a nutshell, there are no rules!


Learn, understand and be mindful of the impact on our environment from our daily activities. There is always room for improvement to lessen our impact on the Earth.


Any! The more the merrier! Share this board with the people around you and challenge one another! Everyone can contribute in their own little ways.


I would like to challenge everyone to give it a go and drop me a comment on your results. Share with me your struggles and achievement. Let me know the daily practices you realized you can do without them in the longer run. I would also like to encourage you to post, share and tag your friends on social media to spread the word to get them involved. Collectively, compounded returns always work better than simple returns, right?

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