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Are we there yet?

You are on your way to the amusement park, and your little kiddo asked the same question five times already. It is because toddlers can be a bit impatient, and if left unmanaged, may lead to tantrums.  How to deal with such impatience? Momi Berlin itemizes ways to deal with it.

Shopee offers Great Discount for your Favorite Mentos Products

Do not overexcite

Sometimes, repeatedly mentioning to your little one you are to go to the carnival, for instance, all the more pushes him to ask. He is too excited to reach the place, and he just can’t understand why the long delay. Try not to overly excite the poor child as he can’t bear much the agony of the long wait.

Come prepared

Keep your child entertained with a small puzzle board or cute building blocks. These handy toys will distract them from the long wait. If your kiddo loves puzzle activity books, bring one or two. You may also come prepared with coloring activity books or with his favorite reading material.

Great Discount for your Favorite Mentos Products

Chewing on something is also an excellent way to keep your little ones busy and pre-occupied. Bringing your kids’ favorite Mentos on Soda Kick is an excellent example.  And such good news! If you buy two Mentos Tins or two Mentos Gums on July 14, you get FREE Mentos roll! Max 50% off, too, on Soda Kick on July 14. All you need to do is download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Shopee offers Great Discount for your Favorite Mentos Products

Shopee offers Great Discount for your Favorite Mentos Products

Practice patience, too

As little kiddos can be real impatient, they can also easily absorb the elders’ behaviors and reactions. If your child sees you get upset rather quickly, he may most likely have the same response.  It is because parents set the standard for kids’ behavior.

Children do not know what patience is. They just know that people around them can quickly get mad or irritated. Hence, the best way to teach them self-restraint and tolerance is to model pleasing behavior.

Introduce activities teaching patience

Kids love games. At a very young age, introduce games that would help your kiddo develop his tolerance for delay. Playing building blocks, puzzle pieces, and Lego are a few activities that teach patience. Emphasize that after solving the parts, the reward of seeing the whole is worth the wait.  It is also prudent to commend your little tot for every accomplished task.  Another activity that promotes patience, as well as a good bonding for a family, is fishing.

Are we there yet?

We are all familiar with “Patience is a virtue.” More than teaching kids the value of delaying gratification, patience is a life skill necessary for maturity.   If an individual mastered the art of waiting, he is most likely able to overcome frustration.  That may most probably pave the path to a happier and contented life.


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