Review: Laser Chess

We received this product in exchange for a review.  All opinions are our own.  

We had the great pleasure of reviewing another great product for Timberdoodle. This product hit a home run with our family!   Laser Chess from Thinkfun is another fun strategy game in the Thinkfun line.  We own several of their games and I think this is a new favorite.

Laser Chess was actually really easy to learn, and is geared toward ages 8 and up.  My husband and my 8th grader had the most fun with this game.  The goal is to set your mirrors on the board to send your laser to hit the opponent’s king.  Throughout the game, your opponent can also use their laser and remove your mirrors, leaving you with fewer to deflect your laser.

We even took Laser Chess with us to the cousin’s house and the boys played it there as well.  We found this game much more fun to play in the evening when it was a little darker.  When it’s darker you can see the laser better.  Below you can see my son pressing his laser to see where it ends up.  If he hits certain pieces of his opponent’s team, those pieces are then removed.

We definitely recommend this game to others.  For more information, please visit Laser Chess on Timberdoodle.  Timberdoodle also puts together curriculum kits for homeschoolers and  Laser Chess is included in their Seventh Grade Curriculum Kit.

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