Over 90 Fun Things To Keep the Kids Busy This Summer


Summer is wonderful and stressful all at the same time!

I love the freedom with scheduling and the sun coming up earlier and trips to the pool.  However, we have all experienced the kids wanting to be entertained and hearing the inevitable “Mom, I am bored!”

To help you out with this one, I have created a list of fun, low to no cost activities to keep you and the littles busy while they are out of school.

There are a couple of ways you can use this list.

1 Join my mailing list at the bottom of the post or in the sidebar to get the password to my Resource Library.  There you can print a three-month calendar with a fun activity listed for each day of the summer.  Try the activity listed each day.

Make it more fun by highlighting or starring the ones you complete and see how many you can do by the end of the summer.

If you can’t or don’t want to do an activity listed, replace it with one you have tried already and loved!

2 Use the list below to create a Boredom Jar.  Write each of the items or the ones you like best on a small slip of paper.  Fold them up and put them all in a jar.  When you hear, “I’m bored” have someone pick from the jar, then everyone must do the activity selected!

Have fun with it and if you have a great experience, please share in the comments.  Better yet, if you have some favorite activities that aren’t listed, share them with us in the comments.

Visit a zoo or aquarium

Take a picnic to a park

Have a teddy bear picnic in your backyard or living room

Go on a scenic drive

Make a scrapbook together

Make a fort out of sheets

Play a board game or video game together

Put together a puzzle

Play dolls or family with the kids

Ride bikes

Look at the stars from your backyard or a special location

Teach your kids how to cook (or learn together)

Blow bubbles

Visit the library

Visit a garden

Run through the sprinklers

Use sidewalk chalk to draw on the sidewalks

Have a tea party in your backyard or living room

Jump on a trampoline

Play 20 questions

Play I-Spy

Race matchbox cars

Host an ice cream social

Draw caricatures of each other

Write a story or poem together

Make a scavenger hunt

Try a new outdoors sport or game

Make life-size drawings of each other using the back of wrapping paper

Visit a skate park and watch older kids do tricks

Kick off your day with donuts or smoothies at the park

Host a cookout or a potluck

Roast marshmallows over a campfire and make s’mores

Camp out in your backyard or living room

Have a water gun or water balloon battle

Play frisbee or kickball

Fly a kite

Cool off at a free spray or splash park

Go hiking

Have a nature scavenger hunt

Identify pictures in the clouds

Visit a local farm

Go to a baseball game

Go to or be in a parade

Go to Storytime at your local library or community center

Spend the day at a pool or waterpark

Visit an amusement park

Take your scooters or skateboard to a local skate park

Watch a fireworks show

Play a round of mini golf

Get up early and watch the sunrise

Build a sandcastle

Turn your slide into a water slide by placing a hose at the top and a baby pool at the bottom

Make water bombs out of sponges

Create your own backyard splash pad

Make homemade play dough

Draw a hopscotch with sidewalk chalk and play a few games

Perform an easy science experiment

Have a car wash using bikes or other ride on toys

Make homemade ice cream

Buy a popsicle mold and make homemade popsicles

Make milkshakes

Whip up some sand pail pudding

Make root beer floats

Make frozen banana pops

Make a bird feeder

Plant a fairy or a dinosaur garden

Watch a movie in your backyard

Set up a lemonade stand

Play “tennis” with (clean) fly swatters and balloons

Play freeze tag or flashlight tag

Play hide and go seek or sardines

Tie dye a piece of clothing

Go to a carnival or fair

Play water balloon baseball

Paint rocks for your yard or garden

Plant some flowers or vegetables

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Feed the ducks at a local pond or lake

Go on a lake or beach trip

Take an early morning or late-night walk

Go to the movies or watch one at home

Make a fun family video

Find an ice cream truck or go out for ice cream

Make lemonade from scratch

Eat corn on the cob

Have a watermelon seed spitting contest

Find an outdoor concert

Pick wildflowers

Go fishing

Go kayaking or canoeing

Collect seashells at the beach or draw some beach pictures

Take a last-minute road trip

Create a family music playlist

Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you can print out the three-month calendar full of activities. This will keep your kids from saying the dreaded, “I’m bored!” At least they won’t say it as often!

Share with us what activities you liked best in the comments below.

Then read about more Summer activities that you can find in your community.

This post was previously published on Fab Life Now.


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