How to Host a Game Night Using Amazon Echo Buttons


Amazon’s Echo Buttons offer a fun way to play games in your house. Allowing you to host a geeky game night from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else).

Echo Buttons are compatible with most Amazon Echo devices, are completely wireless, and are easy to set up and use. So all you need are some games to play.

In this article, we take a closer look at the Echo Buttons, explaining what they are, what you’ll need to start using them, and which games are worth playing!

What Are Amazon’s Echo Buttons?

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but Amazon’s Echo Buttons look like they are straight out of a TV quiz show. A little smaller than a run-of-the-mill drink coaster, a black exterior gives way to the clear light and button portion. The light on the Button can turn different colors depending on what game you’re playing.

On the bottom of the Button is a battery compartment. Amazon includes the two AAA batteries for each Button. A maximum of four buttons can sync with a compatible Echo.

After unpacking each Button, you’ll need to install the batteries. Just to note, you’ll need a small Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the cover.

After screwing the battery cover back on, the Button should light up. To pair it to your Amazon Echo, just say “Alexa, pair my Echo Button.”

That’s all there is to setting up your Echo Buttons. And you’re now all set to start playing games with your Echo Buttons. But which games should you play using your Echo Buttons?

Fun Amazon Echo Button Games to Play

Now that you’ve set up your Echo Buttons, it’s time to play. Here are some great games you’ll definitely want to try out. The complete list of games compatible with the Echo Buttons can be found here.

To activate each game, known as a skill, you can just say “Alexa, activate [skill name.]” You can also activate the games through the Amazon Echo app for iOS or Android and on the web.

1. Trivial Pursuit Tap

Just say “Alexa, launch Trivial Pursuit Tap.”

Made specifically to use with the Echo Buttons, Trivial Pursuit Tap takes the popular family-friendly board game into the modern age. Anywhere from two to four players can battle in this colorful trivia game.

Alexa will start with a trivia question from one of six different categories for all players. If someone answers the first question correctly, they will move on to the next category. A wrong answer will send the game back to the entire group. The first person to correctly answer a question from all the categories and a bonus questions will win the game.

If you have a touchscreen-enabled device—the Echo Show—you’ll also see a visual on how everyone is progressing toward a victory.

2. Full Count Baseball Trivia With Buster Posey

Just say “Alexa, play Full Count Trivia.”

It’s time to step up to the plate and test your knowledge of all things baseball.

In Full Count Baseball Trivia with Buster Posey, the San Francisco Giants catcher will host anywhere from one to four players in a trivia face off. The surprisingly robust game features six questions per day and covers anywhere from the modern game all the way back to the beginning of baseball and everything in between.

If you’re not a fan of baseball, skill developer Ground Control also offers similar skills for both football and basketball—Fourth Down Trivia with Philips Rivers and Buzzer Beater Basketball Trivia with Karl-Anthony Towns.

3. Don’t Cut That Wire!

Just say “Alexa, play Don’t Cut That Wire.”

The Echo Buttons are also the star in Don’t Cut That Wire! Anywhere from one to four players can tackle the game, but you’ll need at least two Echo Buttons.

Alexa will show a pattern of colors on your Buttons. Then everyone will need to work together to help replicate the pattern and color of the Buttons so you can correctly defuse the bomb. To help defuse some of that pressure, Alexa is full of jokes in this game as you’ll definitely laugh when she says zingers like “I hope you get this right, I’ve got a date tonight.”

4. Party Foul

Just say “Alexa, launch Party Foul.”

See how well you truly know friends and family with Party Foul.

For two to four players, one player starts the game on the hot seat. They’ll have to answer yes or no to a specific question. This can be done by choosing pink for yes or yellow for no. Everyone else will hide their Button and try to guess how the person in the hot seat will answer. After Alexa tells everyone the results, the hot seat moves to the next player.

The questions strike a fun balance between overly revealing and slightly embarrassing.

5. Hanagram

Just say “Alexa, open Hanagram.”

Another game for two to four players, Hanagram is a fun word game and quiz mashup. Alexa will read a series of letter clues, and the first person to buzz in and correctly guesses the word gets a point. Whoever the first person is with three points will win the game.

Alexa will provide a little help by letting you know how many letters are in the word and a general idea of what it is. For example, a seven-letter word that is a color. You can also bring a pen and piece of paper to help out.

6. Rush Order

Just say “Alexa, play Rush Order.”

While Rush Order can be played by up to four different Echo Button users, this game is still definitely fun as a solo experience.

Testing how fast you can hit the Button, you’ll be tasked with preparing smoothies with different ingredients. The Echo Button will rapidly change color to tell you that ingredient. For example, green indicates celery and yellow means banana.

You’ll have to hit the correct colors to make it to the next round. And to no surprise, each successive round ramps up the speed. It’s a fun game that will get your adrenaline rushing.

7. Beat the Intro

Just say “Alexa, open Beat the Intro”

Test your musical knowledge in Beat the Intro. Just be the first person to correctly guess the song title and artist and you’re on the way to victory. Anywhere from two to four Echo Buttons can be used to allow players to buzz in with their guess.

You can play two packs with today’s hits and the greatest songs of all time for free. If you want even more fun, there is a Beat the Intro subscription service that allows you to play with thousands of songs from every genre and time period you can imagine.

8. Pixel Fun

Just say “Alexa, open Pixel Fun”

Pixel Fun brings a unique visual aspect to gaming. Compatible with any Amazon Echo device with a screen, two to four players can battle with Echo Buttons. Gamers will try to guess what picture is showing on the screen. There are three different modes where the image changes over time and become more clear.

If you like the game, there are three other sets available to purchase separately.

The city set features more than 50 cities from around the world. In the animal set, there are an additional 90 pixelated animals. A unique close-up set offers more than 60 different motifs where you zoom out over time.

9. Bandit Buttons

Just say “Alexa, launch Bandit Buttons.”

Bandit Buttons is a fun take on a Wild West showdown. The game requires two to four Echo Buttons and offers two game modes. Quick draw is for two to four players and last player standing requires three or four players. As a nice touch, you can customize either mode to decide the level of challenge and gameplay length.

Scoring points is simple. Just be the first person to push your Button when all of the Buttons show the same color to score a point. Just make sure to not press a red button. The winner is whoever scores the set number of points.

Ready, Set, Game With Echo Buttons!

Whether you’re in the mood for some cutthroat trivia action with friends, or a relaxing night of gaming fun with the family, Echo Buttons can make any gaming night more enjoyable.

However, you don’t have to own Echo Buttons in order to have fun with Alexa. So here are some fun games to play on an Amazon Echo.

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