How to Choose the Best Father’s Day Gift Baskets: 7 Tips to Ensure Dad Loves His Gift

Finding a new and different gift to get a Dad in your life can be a challenge. While most people choose traditional gift ideas like ties or tools, some people want a new, unique gift to give their dad. When it comes to gift-giving, I always like looking at gift baskets. There are a lot of different ones to choose from and (as a gift basket) it’s already wrapped. In this article, I’ve curated a helpful list for how to choose the best Father’s Day gift baskets.

Pick Items Dad Likes

Before you start shopping for a Father’s Day gift basket, take a few moments to think about the things your dad likes. Is it golf? Beer? Beef? Sweets? By choosing a gift basket that has items you know your dad will appreciate, you’ll increase the odds that he’ll think it’s the best Father’s day gift he’s received.

What's in the Father's Day Soda & Candy Game Crate packs their Father’s Day gifts with high quality gourmet foods, snacks, and more!

Look for High Quality Ingredients

If you’re sending a gift of food items, it’s important that the items are of high-quality. No one wants to send expired food or items that don’t taste good. A gift basket should list all of the items included in the gift, including the brand names. Review everything in the basket you’re considering purchasing and make sure the food products meet your standards for quality and taste.

The Best Father’s Day Gift Baskets Have a Variety of Items

When getting a gift, it’s always nice if there’s more than one type of product inside. Whether it’s wine and cheese, snacks, chocolate, or even board games, look for a gift basket that has multiple different types of gifts within. In addition to sodas, classic candies, and savory snacks, this Father’s Day Soda & Candy Game Crate (priced at $89.99) also has a checkers board and pieces to have a fun-filled and delicious, family game night. Soda & Candy Game Crate
The Soda & Candy Game Crate has everything you need for dads who love snacking and playing checkers!

Stay Within Your Budget

When shopping for a gift basket, there’s no need to break the bank. There’s a variety of unique Father’s Day gift baskets that have a wide range of prices. has a large selection of Father’s Day gift baskets ranging from an affordable $19.99 popcorn tin to a $170 beer and snack-filled gift basket.

Give it A Personal Touch

One nice way to make a Father’s Day gift extra special is to be able to add a bit of customization or personalization. Look for a gift basket company that allows you to send a personalized greeting card with the gift basket. That way, you can send a special, customized note to your Dad along with the gift. (Plus, no one else will get the credit for sending such a unique Father’s Day gift!)

Gourmet Gift Basket Delivery lets you add a personalized card to your delivery. The card is attached to the outside of the box. (It’s on the back of the box pictured above.)

Flexible Shipping Options

If you’re sending a gift basket, you want to arrive where you want, when you want. The best gift basket companies will show you a selection of ship dates and let you choose the date you want your gift basket to arrive. Many companies have tiered shipping prices – the closer it is to your desired arrival date, the more expensive it is. So it’s worth shopping a little early so you can save on shipping.

Great Customer Service

Sometimes you need a little help with your order. In those cases, you want to be able to easily contact and get assistance from customer service. Make sure that the company you are purchasing from has an easy way for you to get help. This could be via phone, live chat, or email. The company should have one (or more) of these items readily visible so you can contact them without having to search for it.

One easy way to make sure you get the best possible gifting experience is to buy your Father’s Day gift basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets offers a variety of Father’s Day Gift Baskets that are also great gift idea’s for Dad’s birthday, anniversary, or just to let him know you care.

Opening the Best Father's Day Gift Baskets
This year’s Father’s Day gift basket arrived in a wooden crate that doubles as a checkers board!

Not only do they have gourmet food items, also has a huge selection of themed gift baskets to choose from. You can contact their customer service team for help via phone, Live Chat, or email. They offer several shipping options for their gift baskets. I especially like the care that Gourmet Giftaskets puts into the packaging of their gifts. Many of the “baskets” can be used as keepsake items or for decoration.

Have you considered give your Dad a Father’s Day gift basket?

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