Homeschool Resources at a Discount? Yes, please! (+ a free Kiwi Crate!)

Are you in the throes of prepping for your next school year? Or maybe finishing everything but finding a few small things here and there that have fallen through the cracks (that’s me!). If so, today I’ve got a great resource for you!

If you’ve been around the blogging world for a while, either as a reader or as a writer, you’ll know that bundle sales are nothing new. Several years ago when I was still offering Virtual Assistant services, I worked behind the scenes for one of the larger bundle companies – Ultimate Bundles – so I have an extensive collection of ebooks and other resources that have proven to be invaluable to me over the years. The majority of the Ultimate Bundles offerings in the past have been geared toward homemakers, entrepreneurs, homesteaders, and healthy living, so I was excited to see last year that they decided to start offering a homeschooling bundle! And, because I worked behind the scenes when the company was first starting, I thought it would be fitting to offer one of my own products to include in this year’s bundle as well!

For those who don’t have experience with bundle sales, I’ll offer a little background. Generally, bundle sales are a collection of resources, like ebooks, printables, e-courses, memberships, free items, etc., on a single topic combined into one giant “bundle” that is sold at a much lower price than it would be if you bought all of those items individually. So, for instance, the first bundle sale with which I helped included around 93 resources that were worth a total of over $1000, but the bundle itself was being sold for just around $30. That way, even if you really want only a handful of the resources that are included, you’re still usually saving money on those items alone. You’re also getting many, many other resources that you might not otherwise have known about or thought you could use and later on end up finding them very helpful (this has been the case many times for me!).

I am thankful for bundle sales for many reasons, but mainly because I like to save money. Deciding whether to get many resources for one low price versus buying them individually for much more is really a no-brainer. And one thing I especially appreciate about the Ultimate Bundles offerings is that they always have awesome bonuses. But more on that later…..

The resources in the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle for 2021 bundle look fantastic for any homeschooling family, but there were a few especially that caught my eye as a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, which I’m listing below!


Before we get to the school year, we have to get through the rest of the summer first and I like the resources this kit includes. Usually, in downloads like this, you get a lot of worksheets and busywork for kids, but this one includes more helpful things for all members of the family like printable calendars, ideas for an “I’m bored” jar, a whole reading program, family game night ideas, and more!

From the creator… This Family Summer Survival kit has everything you could possibly need to have the best summer ever! It includes everything from a Summer Bucket List to Lemonade Stand printables! It also includes colorful summer reading program pages, and no-prep themed family fun nights that your family is sure to love! Struggling to implement a schedule and routine? Kids thrive on routines! Make a flexible summer schedule that will allow for tons of memory making and learning time as well. All files are editable to fit your family’s needs. It also includes TONS of old-fashioned game and activity ideas that involve little or no supplies!


I find planning of any kind cathartic, but this is especially true of homeschool planning (which I share Sunday nights on Instagram during the school year!). Pulling out my planner along with my washi tape, pens, and other planning supplies to layout the next week helps me mentally prepare for what we’ve got coming, so this particular offering is especially appealing! This download includes printable stickers for various aspects of homeschooling for you to use in your planner. I think it would be particularly helpful for student planners. Also, if you happen to have a Silhouette paper cutter, she includes Studio files as well!

From the creator… This packed bundle of printable planner stickers will help you organize your days when homeschooling your kids!

My Nature Journal ($5.00)

If you’re just getting started on your Charlotte Mason journey or have found using a nature journal a struggle, this cute little printable can help provide some inspiration for this practice. It includes things like a phenology wheel, observation pages, comparison charts, and more! It’s also a wonderful little book to offer younger children who want to be part of your school time but aren’t quite old enough for more formal lessons.

From the creator… This 20-page nature journal is perfect for all ages is the perfect ongoing project! The page templates include a mix of writing, science, and art. There is also a title page for coloring and the journals can be assembled with staples or put in binders.

PreK & Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook ($18.00)

My kids are 3.5 years apart, so when my son started formal schooling, I had to find ways to entertain my daughter as well. I ended up making her a little binder of completely optional things just for her to do including a calendar she could look at and fill out each month which helped her with learning the months of the year as well as simple counting. This little download that includes some beautiful seasonal watercolor art that you can add to the printable calendars looks very helpful. The calendar could also easily be included for kindergarteners as well!

From the creator… The PreK & Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook is a simple way to review many skills each day! In addition to typical calendar skills like days of the week, months, seasons, and weather, you will also find fun reviews for colors, shapes, writing letters, beginning sounds, name writing, journaling, and more. You can choose to print out a customized calendar for each month or use the reusable option that you prep once and enjoy over and over each month.

The Homeschooler’s Chore Board ($14.97)

Charlotte Mason said that “‘Habit is ten natures.’ If that be true, strong as nature is, habit is not only as strong, but tenfold as strong. Here, then, have we a stronger than he, able to overcome this strong man armed.” I am convinced and have seen proof in my own home that a chore chart is one of the most practical ways to instill good habits. The system presented in this download is robust, thorough, and very practical!

From the creator… Chores don’t have to be a daily struggle with your children. The Homeschooler’s Chore Board Printable Card Pack takes the battle out of these daily and weekly tasks. As an alternative to the traditional chore chart, this Homeschooler’s Chore Board helps your homeschooling family develop a chore routine that fits your specific needs. This printable card pack was designed to fit seamlessly into your daily curriculum schedule so that lessons and chores can be tackled with ease! And, Jessica’s neatly packaged them into a fun and straightforward contribution plan geared toward positivity and suitable for children of all ages!

This Thing Called Money ($8.00)

Our family has been debt-free other than our mortgage for over ten years and I want this type of financial freedom to be important to our kids as well. Money management is a subject that I feel is often overlooked in any kind of education, including homeschooling, and though this particular download doesn’t strictly follow Charlotte Mason’s methods, I feel that it covers the topic well for elementary students.

From the creator… This Thing Called Money is a no-prep introduction to money management for upper elementary students. In this primary stage, students learn simple foundational concepts that they can apply to small-scale applications (such as budgeting their own allowances), and setting the stage for deeper exploration in middle school.

Business In A Bundle™ – For Students ($497.00)

Both my husband and I are small business owners and we both plan to teach our kids this path as well. I appreciate that this course is included for high school students as it looks extremely thorough and a wonderful introduction to entrepreneurship!

From the creator… Business In A Bundle has all the tools needed to create an online business from scratch in a fun and easy to learn format. *Warning – side effects may include: becoming an entrepreneur, increased confidence and financial independence.

Composer Study with 10 Lesser-Known Composers ($17.00)

I love finding hidden gems and this definitely extends to composer and artist study as well. I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be doing our Composer Study for the first time this coming school year and I’m looking forward to using this resource!

From the creator… If you’ve been doing Composer Study for a while, you might be getting a little bored with hearing the same composers all the time. The online course Composer Study with 10 Lesser-Known Composers features 10 composers you may have never heard of before! This simple-to-use, click-and-go online course is perfect for all ages. The composers are Georg Telemann, Maria Theresa Paradis, Charles Gounod, Bedřich Smetana, Alexander Borodin, Edward Elgar, Isaac Albéniz, Amy Beach, Alexander Scriabin, and Ottorino Respighi. Charlotte Mason said, “Let young people study as far as possible under one master until they have received some of this teaching and know its style” so each composer has four videos of music (and one downloadable mp3 version) of music to listen to. Notebooking pages are included as well.

High School To College Digital Pack ($5.50)

If your kids are planning to go the college route, this looks like an invaluable resource that includes everything you’ll need to know about preparing for college from 8th grade on. She even offers grade deadlines for certain tasks. So helpful!

From the creator… “High School To College Digital Pack includes two digital downloads:

A Four-Year Guide to Preparing Your Teen for College Quick Reference Guide is a step by step guide (8th grade through 12th grade) that will help your high school student and you, the parent to prepare for college. Filled with links, resources, and steps to take each year of high school it is a tremendous resource for any parent wanting to guide their child through the high school years and on to college. 6 pages

Concurrent Enrollment and Your High School Student- High school students have a great opportunity to start their college education while they are still in high school! There are many reasons why your high school student should take advantage of this. But there are also a few very important questions you need to ask yourself and your teen before enrolling in concurrent (dual credit) classes.”

Personal Finance 101: the Basics of Banking, Budgeting, and Buying! ($97.00)

Above I listed a finance resource for elementary students but the bundle also includes an entire e-course on finances for high school students as well! This course looks extremely thorough and helpful in getting students set on the path to financial responsibility. She also pairs it with You Need a Budget (YNAB), a tool we’ve used for many years and absolutely love!

From the creator… “Money isn’t as simple as it used to be, and neither is money management- modern technology has added a whole new level to budgeting, banking, and buying. In this 6 week asynchronous Personal Finance 101 course, highschoolers will learn to successfully navigate money management and gain the understanding to wisely interact with today’s digital financial options. Students will gain practical experience with zero-based budgeting, including learning how to make real-life adjustments when things don’t go as planned. They’ll also be introduced to the wide range of modern payment options and learn how to safely and wisely choose which ones to use in various situations. Students of the Personal Finance course will be given an overview of banking basics- interest, credit scores, bank accounts, and more! Finally, students will complete a practical final project to put all their new skills to use in the real world!”

Henry Ossawa Tanner Picture Study Aid ($12.99)

I’m offering my Henry Ossawa Tanner Picture Study Aid in the bundle as well! Included in this 24-page Picture Study Aid is a summary of the childhood of African American, Realist painter Henry Ossawa Tanner (1857-1937), a synopsis of seven of his works, a few book recommendations for additional study, printable versions of the pieces covered, and a brief discussion about Charlotte Mason’s ideas and methods for implementing picture study is also included.


I have been part of several bundle sales over the last few years and they all have their perks. Ultimate Bundles is no different and one of my favorite things about them has always been the bonuses! These are fantastic goodies, often tangible (eg. not digital) items that are generally free (aside from shipping charges) or deeply discounted. Here is what is included in this year’s bundle!

Kiwi Crate ($19.95)

Every summer, I get a 3-month subscription for Kiwi Co (my daughter gets a Kiwi Crate and my son graduated to Tinker Crates last year) for the kids to look forward to while we’re out of school. I am thankful for these little boxes as they provide fun little activities that are not only educational but also occupy the kids! The kids enjoy them because they get to assemble and keep the little contraption projects they come with. July’s boxes were kaleidoscope activities for C and a little walking robot for B.

This particular bonus offer is good for one free Kiwi Crate or any of their other crates. And, if you’re already a subscriber to Kiwi Crate, you can use the voucher to try a different crate as well! Make note, though that this offer only lasts for the first two days of the sale!

3 Months Membership from Guitar Ecademy ($30.00)

From the company… “Guitar Ecademy is an online guitar school that uses a tried and tested method to help students make progress fast. Based on over two decades of guitar coaching, students have found that this method allows them to really enjoy playing the guitar instead of seeing it as work. The result? Students improve quickly because they develop a deep passion for and interest in music and actually WANT to practice!”


From the company… THE NEXT GENPRENEUR is an ed-tech online academy and subscription box company that equips middle and high school aged girls with life and leadership skills such as Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Leadership, Mental Health and much more.


From the company… “Bookroo is an award-winning monthly subscription that helps kids 0-12 fall in love with reading by combining the excitement of opening a gift with the discovery of a new treasured book. Each month you can excitedly anticipate the arrival of 2 chapter books, 2 hardcover picture books, or 3 board books, each individually wrapped.”

3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP from Paper Me Pretty ($27.00)

From the company… “Paper Me Pretty is a monthly digital subscription providing beautiful stationery to help keep you productive and focused on what truly matters to YOU. Every month, you’ll receive a beautiful bundle of digital stationery that you can print at home. And you’ll also be able to join our live goal setting session each month too!”

2 MONTHS FREE from Musik At Home ($31.98)

From the company… “Musik at Home brings developmental music classes for infant to elementary age kids right to your home with easy access on the web, mobile app, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. No commute. No schedule — Just capturing your child’s music potential when it’s highest, birth to age 7. Music literacy will improve your children’s academic performance, confidence, and relationships through full body & brain development. A Musik at Home membership is the most affordable music education foundation for your little ones! With class series taught by founder Kathryn Brunner, a recording artist and music educator whose students have graced Carnegie Hall, you’ll enjoy bonding with your child over music with unlimited access to more than 450 interactive musical activities including singing games, rhythm activities, and imaginative musical stories that engage minds in preparation for a lifetime of making meaningful music.”

Citrus Lotion Stick and Spearmint Lip Balm ($23.00)

From the company… “MadeOn Skin Care is a family-run company that specializes in simple, effective, safe skincare. Their flagship product, the Beesilk Hard Lotion Bar, has brought relief to dry, cracked skin to tens of thousands of men, women and children. Use our Citrus Lotion Stick on dry skin patches and enjoy the Spearmint Lip balm anytime, anywhere.”


From the company… “The Smart Mom Time Out Toolkit is a monthly printables membership for moms to help you take a break from your crazy busy daily life and relax (even for just a few minutes every day). It’s a time out for moms. A time out for quiet and calm. A time out to rejuvenate. A time out for you to let go of stress and frustrations. A time out to focus on being your best self.”

As I said before, the beauty of these bundle sales is that you get a lot of resources for a much smaller price than if you bought them individually. Just adding up the individual downloads and ebooks above, I got to $703.47. Add on to that the value of all the bonuses and we’re at just over $900. However, the bundle itself is being sold for $37! This sale ends on Monday, so don’t miss out!

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