Five Games We’re Loving Lately

One thing I’ve been wanting to do is get back to sharing more off-the-cuff content with you over here on the blog. Some of my very favorite blogs are constantly sharing short, random snippets that are honestly my very favorite things to read. Perfect example? This post on family rituals is one I bookmarked so I can read all of the comments for ideas.

I often have random things I want to share with you that don’t feel “big enough” for a blog post, but I’m officially banning that from my mentality from now on – the little stuff is just as much fun as the big stuff sometimes, no?!

So, in honor of my new mindset, today I thought I’d share a few board games we’ve been loving playing over the last few months. With the whole “we aren’t leaving our house – ever” thing, we’ve been playing a lot more games and I’m loving it.

Ready to get some ideas for how to entertain yourself on your next Friday night at home (and the next, and the next, and the next)?

For your at-home date night: Machi Koro Legacy. We’ve always been big fans of the original game, and Legacy games are so fun! The idea is that you play the game over a series of a bunch of different sessions, and it builds upon itself each time. It’s a great game for just two players (though it can be played with more), and we pull this one out often on our weekly date nights at home.

For a hangout with your quarantine buddies: Pantone. We have another family that we’ve been hanging out with since the beginning of this whole social distancing thing and neither of us is seeing anyone else. It has made self-quarantining a lot easier, and we’ve been playing tons of games together! We played this one for the first time last weekend and laughed so, so hard. It’s similar to Pictionary, except instead of drawing the clues, you try to get the group to guess your clue using Pantone swatches! It’s challenging but so rewarding when you manage to guess that extra-hard clue!

For the whole family: Sushi Go Party. Jackson is six and loves playing Sushi Go with us! We’ve been playing the base game for years but recently upgraded to the party version. We like that it can play more people (which doesn’t matter all that much right now but it will someday!), but more importantly we love the new cards it introduces! This is a quick card game that’s easy to learn and so addictive to play.

If you love a strategic game: Pan Am. Corey picked this up on a whim at Target and we were so pleasantly surprised by how much we liked it. It’s got some unique game play, we love the art and styling, and it’s just so much fun. We’ve played it with both two and four players, and it was equally great both ways. It’s great if you like a game that makes you think and plan ahead, and it’s a really fun strategy-focused game.

If you want something light and simple: Sequence. We tried this out thanks to Sherry’s recommendation on Instagram and we love it. It’s really quick to learn and so easy to play, but isn’t at all boring or overly easy. It can play a ton of people but is also really great with just two (which is hard to find). We haven’t played it with Jackson yet, but I think he’d definitely do fine with it, so it’s definitely on my list for our next family game night!

Have you been playing a lot of games lately?

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