Book Review - The Gin O’Clock Club by Rosie Blake

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Title: The Gin O'Clock Club
Author: Rosie Blake
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Sphere
Publication Date: 1st June 2020
Rating: 5 Stars

Bring the sparkle and fizz back into your life with the help of The Gin O'Clock Club

Lottie is always in a hurry, rushing through her days ticking tasks off her to-do lists. Teddy is worried about his granddaughter - and he knows that his late wife, Lily, would have known exactly what to say to make things better. Now that Lily has gone, it's up to Teddy to talk some sense into Lottie.

With the help of Arjun, Geoffrey and Howard, the elderly reprobates who make up his Gin O'Clock Club, Teddy makes a plan to help Lottie find her way back to the things that really matter - family, friendship and love. But as Lottie balances a high-powered job with her reluctant attendance at whist drives, ballroom dances and bingo, Teddy wonders if she's really ready to open up her heart to the possibility of true happiness...

Laugh, cry and fall in love with this colourful cast of characters in THE feel-good novel of the year

The perfect balance between making me feel really emotional and also making me laugh out loud.  

I mean what a rollercoaster of feelings I had while I was reading this book.  We have Lottie who seems to be in self destruct mode, a complete workaholic and seems to have let most things slide otherwise, although thankfully she has her boyfriend Luke, if he can put up with her moods at the moment. 

And then between chapters we have letters to Cora from Teddy, which are full of Teddy's clear love for Cora, worry for his grand daughter Lottie and also his side of the plan to try to help Lottie reconnect with Luke and realise there is more to life than work. 

So Teddy and his friends Arjun, Geoffrey and Howard decide that they want Lottie and Luke to do some good old fashioned wooing and set up all sorts of olde timey dates for them, while at the same time they are trying to persuade Teddy to date in the modern sense of the world. 

So in one half of the story there is pensioners on tinder and taking part in an ice disco.... while the youngsters take part in a whist drive, a memorable art class,  a hilarious evening of board games and an incredibly romantic weekend away - well with some rather hilarious chickens!  

There are so many moments that had me laughing but at the same time its also a story of Lottie and Teddy coming to terms with Cora's death, and how they can move on from it. 

It's simply wonderful and there is so much going on, it kept me incredibly engaged at all times. It's another fabulous book from Rosie Blake, who is an author I always seem to enjoy a  large amount. 

Thank you to Sphere and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.