8 Techy Ways to Stay Positive During a Lockdown


It’s often difficult to stay positive when you’re forced to stay inside for weeks on end. If you’re feeling upset or anxious, making a few changes to how you approach technology during physical distancing can help.

Let’s look at some small but practical ways you can use technology in a more positive way during this time.

1. Research and Plan a “Staycation”

If you had to cancel your planned vacation due to financial changes or canceled flights, don’t dwell on that disappointment. Rather, use this time to come up with a plan for a vacation that you don’t have to travel far for—or a “staycation.”

Maybe you can plan a tour of little-known restaurants nearby that you’ve wanted to visit but haven’t had time for. Perhaps you can take a weekend hike to a destination close to you. Or maybe you can do a different family activity in your garden every night for a week.

Having a planned “staycation” will give you something to look forward to during a tough time.

2. Read Positive News Online