5 Fun Family Games You’ve Got to Try

Now that we are going on more than a couple weeks at home, you may be tired of your same old games. We have a good few games that we play non-stop, but we are antsy to get a few new ones for the coming weeks at home. Here are the game that we love playing over and over, hopefully they will become a new family favorite in your home!

  1. Grandpa Beck’s Games Skull King game. We were recently introduced to this game and the kids can’t get enough. It’s one of those that both kids and adults can play and enjoy together. Our kids 8+ were able to play it. 
  2. Sleeping Queens Card Game. This is a good one for younger kids. We have a 5 year old boy that can play this one with the family. Super fun and easy to play. 
  3. Play the game of spoons. If you guys haven’t played this then you’re missing out. This is a hit! Even my 5 year old learned it and loves it. Grab a deck of cards- you can even use Old Maid type of cards. You just need one full match set for each person that is playing. For example if I have 5 people playing I would grab out all of the Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10s and 9s. So there are 4 cards of each, total of 20. You put in one LESS spoon on the table. So I would put 4 spoons on my table in the middle. Then you shuffle the cards and pass them out. Each person has 4 cards. You are trying to get a set of 4 of the same NUMBER. So you grab one card from your stack and pass it to the person to the left, everyone does that at the same time and you pick up the card from the person at your right. You pick up the card, look at it, keep it if you want, and then pass another card to the person to the left. You keep doing this until someone- or yourself, get 4 of the same NUMBER, then you grab a spoon. The last person won’t have a spoon and then has to have a letter. You can spell the word PIG or whatever you want. So that person then has a P. You shuffle the cards and start again. Now once you have mastered this, you can put the spoons in another room! This is a bit dangerous, but oh so fun. Give it a try.
  4.  Jax Sequence Board Game. This is a fun game for everyone 7+. It takes about 30 minutes to play, but then you’ll want to play again. So fun!
  5. Rio Grande Games Bohnanza game. This is a game that doesn’t have a ton of action, but for some reason it SO fun. It’s one that you play once and you’re like, “gosh we need to play again.” It’s a game that you can be talking and eating a snack while you play. It does take a longer time like 45 or more minutes, but the slow pace is relaxing and the game is so fun.