100+ This or That Questions – Interesting Conversation Starters

When was the last time you met for a social gathering and you weren’t sure how to get a good conversation started? “This or that” questions are interesting conversation starters that are perfect for such occasions.

It’s not always easy to find the right “this or that” questions to ask when you’re trying to think of them off the top of your head. That’s why having a prepared question list can help you make the most out of this fun activity.

Here are some examples of “this or that” questions you could use next time you play this icebreaker question game.

Food “This or That” Questions

Who doesn’t love talking about food? In this category you can find out which foods your friends like the most.

1. Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?

Do you prefer the smooth, creamy taste of ice cream, or the refreshing flavor of an icy snow cone?

Ice Cream Cones


2. Cake or Pie?

Do you dream about sinking your teeth into a moist, flavorful piece of cake, or a delicious piece of homemade pie with flaky crust?


3. Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Do you crave the sophisticated taste of dark chocolate, or the classic sweetness of milk chocolate?

Dark And White Chocolate


4. Pancake or Waffle?

Do you enjoy a breakfast of light, fluffy pancakes or waffles dripping with butter and syrup?


5. Scrambled Egg or Fried Egg?

Which type of eggs do you want on your breakfast plate, scrumptious scrambled eggs, or hearty fried eggs?

Fried Egg And Bacon


6. French Fries or Onion Rings?

Which side dish do you want on your plate next time you head to the diner, crisp, salty french fries, or crunchy fried onion rings?


7. Sour Cream or Cheese?

Whether you’re having a baked potato or a taco, if you could only choose one of these two tasty toppings, sour cream or cheese, which would you pick?

Cheese And Brown Bread


8. Hot Dog or Hamburger?

Which classic backyard barbecue favorite would you pick if you could only choose one: hot dog, or hamburger?


9. Chicken Nuggets or Fish Sticks?

Which of these two convenience meal kid friendly options would you pick: chicken nuggets or fish sticks?


10. Iced Coffee or Iced Tea?

Which of these two popular caffeinated beverages would you select to cool you off on a hot day: iced coffee, or iced tea?

Iced Latte Coffee


Appearance “This or That” Questions

Questions about appearance will clue you in to what your friend, loved one, spouse, or dating partner prefers when it comes to looks. Their answers may surprise you!

11. Long Hair or Short Hair?

Do you prefer the carefree, long-haired hippy look or the sophisticated, no-nonsense short-haired look?

Woman With Long Hair


12. Straight Hair or Curly Hair?

Do you like the look of sleek, silky locks or voluminous waves and springy ringlets?


13. Darker or Lighter Hair?

Are you into dark brunette or black hair color, or do you prefer the light blonde or red headed look?

Women In Swimming Pool


14. Light or Dark Eyes?

Whether it’s striking blue, gray or green eyes or sparkling, warm dark brown eyes, most people prefer one over the other!


15. Straight or Crooked Teeth?

Some people go to great lengths to get that picture-perfect straight toothed smile, while others prefer the uniqueness of crooked teeth.

Woman Smiling Showing Teeth


16. Tall or Short?

Do you wish you were professional basketball player height or do you think the best things come in small packages?


17. Slender or Stocky Build?

Do you prefer the willowy, delicate look or a solid, muscular body type?

Man Working Out In Gym


18. Conventionally Attractive or Unique Look?

Are you more drawn to someone that would fit a classic description of beautiful, or someone whose look is strikingly rare?


19. Freckles or No Freckles?

Do you prefer skin with freckles scattered everywhere, or a more uniform complexion?

Woman With Freckles


20. Natural or Made Up Look?

Do you prefer a look that’s as natural as possible, or one that takes some work and special products to achieve?


Online Habits “This or That” Questions

Whether it’s gaming, shopping, or social media, the internet has become a huge part of everyday life. So why not include some questions about online activity in your next game of “this or that”?

21. Instagram Story or Facebook Story?

Which of the two popular story sharing options are you most likely to use, and why?

Social Media App Icons On Phone Screen


22. Twitter or Facebook?

Do you like the short, snappy, and sometimes ruthless world of Twitter, or do you prefer the longer, more traditional posting platform of Facebook?


23. Politics or Pet Pictures?

Is your social media page full of heated political rants or cute/funny pictures of your favorite pets?


24. Gaming or Shopping?

Would you rather spend your internet time playing the latest cool games or looking for hot new items to buy?

Man Using Tablet


25. Watching or Posting Videos?

Would you rather watch other people’s YouTube videos, or create your own?


26. Posting or Lurking in Comment Sections?

When it comes to social media or comment sections, do you like to give your two cents a lot, or would you rather just lurk in the background and read what other people post?


27. Keyboard Warrior or Internet Troll?

If you voice your opinions online, do you like to argue passionately for an important cause, or just try to make people mad for fun?


28. Drama or Drama Free?

Are your social media feeds filled with passive-aggressive relationship drama or just low-key posts about what’s going on in your life?

Girl Using Phone


29. Making Money or Having Fun?

Do you go online to look for money-making opportunities, like posting monetized videos or selling stuff, or do you go looking for entertainment?


30. Online or In-Person Dating?

Do you prefer meeting people to date online or when you’re out and about?

Couple On A Date In Restaurant


Entertainment “This or That” Questions

Besides just the internet, there are plenty of other ways people find to amuse themselves. You could use this section of questions to ask people about their favorite entertainment options.

31. Small Amusement Park or Large Theme Park?

Do you like the small parks with less crowds and more charm, or do you prefer the big theme parks filled with famous characters and more exciting rides?

Amusement Park


32. Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel?

Do you like twisting and turning on a thrilling roller coaster track, or do you prefer the scenic view and slower pace of a Ferris Wheel?


33. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Do you have the force, or are do you want to beam up to the Star Ship Enterprise?

Star Wars Stormtrooper At Convention


34. Board game or Card Game?

Would you rather play a classic board game like chess, checkers, or Monopoly, or do you prefer card games like Gin Rummy, Black Jack, or Go Fish?


35. Dare Questions or “Would You Rather” Questions?

Both of these games can lead to some pretty crazy and revealing situations!


36. Video Games or Table Games?

Do you like gathering around your favorite game console or around the dining room table for a lively evening of fun with friends?

People Playing A Board Game


37. Baseball or Football?

Do you jump out of your seat watching your favorite player slide into home plate, or score a touchdown?


38. Professional Sporting Events or Music Concerts?

Would you rather be cheering in the stands at your home team’s stadium, or jamming to your favorite band at a concert?

Baseball Stadium


39. Singing or Stand-Up Comedy Talent Show?

Would you rather see aspiring vocal artists belt out tunes or crack up watching a hilarious new stand-up comedy act?


40. Magic Show or Acrobatic Show?

Whether you prefer mind-blowing illusions or death-defying acrobatic feats, you’re sure to be amazed and entertained!

Acrobatics Show


41. Romantic Relationship Questions

Some of the most revealing would you rather questions have to do with your relationship with your significant other.


42. Current Romantic Relationship or Ex?

If you give the wrong answer to this question, you might end up with a new ex!

Couple Hugging


42. Girlfriend/Boyfriend or Best Friend?

Who would you rather spend time with, your significant other, or your BFF? (Be careful! Giving an unexpected answer could create some tension in either relationship!)


43. Words or Actions?

Which proves love to you more?


44. Riches or a Heart of Gold?

Which would you look for more in a significant other?



45. Physically Attractive or Smart?

Would you rather have a partner with stunning good looks, or one with impressive mental abilities?


46. Funny or Supportive?

Are you more drawn to someone who makes you laugh, or comforts you when you’re down?

Laughing Couple


47. Trendy or Offbeat?

Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who keeps up with the latest styles, or someone who marches to the beat of their own drum?


48. Mushy or Reserved?

Would you prefer to date someone who showers you with corny compliments or someone who’s less sentimental?

Couple Lying On Floor


49. Honest or Tactful?

Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who tells it like it is even when they may hurt your feelings, or someone who sometimes tells you what you want to hear even if it’s not really true?


50. Soul Mate or Play Mate?

Do you prefer to be with someone you connect with on a deeper spiritual level, or someone who drives you wild with passion?

Couple Kissing


Family “This or That” Questions

When it comes to family, some relationships are closer than others. These questions can help to determine which relationships with family you cherish most, as well as what types of family experiences are most important to you.

51. Brother or Sister?

If you have at least one of each sibling, which do you feel closest to and why? If you don’t have either, which would you rather have?


52. Mom or Dad?

Which parent do you feel closest to and why? Who do you act the most like out of your parents?

Mom Dad And Son


53. Grandma or Grandpa?

Which of your grandparents do you have the strongest bond with and why?


54. Family or Friends?

Do you feel more closely connected to your family or friends?

Friends Standing On Hill At Sunset


55. Far or Near?

Would you rather live a distance away from family and visit them, or live in the same town?


56. Growing Up or Adult Years?

Which phase of your relationship with your family do you prefer? Do you feel closer to them now, or when you were growing up?


57. Siblings or Parents?

Are you closer to your siblings or your parents?


58. Holiday Visits or Year-Round Contact?

Which best describes your interaction with family?

Family Eating Together


59. Similar or Different?

Are you similar to the rest of your family when it comes to your character, beliefs, and lifestyle, or are you completely different?


Animal “This or That” Questions

Animals are a great question topic for “this or that,” because there’s such a wide variety of them to choose from, including pets, exotic wildlife,and ferocious predators.

60. Cats or Dogs?

Which one is the best furry friend?

Cat And Dog


61. Birds or Fish?

As the next two choices down on the list of most common pets, do you prefer the ones with feathers or fins?


62. Zebras or Giraffes?

Which exotic animal has the coolest looking pattern?

Zebras And Giraffe


63. Snakes or Spiders?

Which is creepier, the slithery or the crawling creatures?


64. Sharks or Crocodiles?

Which would you be more terrified to meet while out for a swim?



65. Electric Eels or Barracudas?

Would you rather risk getting shocked or nibbled on?


66. Lions or Tigers?

Which big cat would you rather meet if you were in the jungle?



67. Gorillas or Bears?

Which of these two large creatures do you find more intimidating?


68. Moths or Butterflies?

Which of these winged insects do you find most beautiful or interesting?



69. Bees or Ants?

Which of these two would you be least happy to have at your next picnic?


Geography and Weather “This or That” Questions

This category of questions deals with what geographical features and weather patterns you prefer in the natural world around you.

70. Winter or Summer?

Do you look forward to snow and ice or fun in the sun more?

Woman Walking In Snow


71. Fall or Spring?

Which of these two milder seasons is your favorite?


72. Thunder or Lightning?

Which of these storm features do you find the most exciting or unnerving?



73. Beach or Mountains?

Which of these popular land features would you rather visit on your next vacation?


74. Tornado or Hurricane?

Which of these two natural disasters would you most like to avoid?


75. Earthquake or Quicksand?

Which would you rather experience: feeling the earth tremble below you during and earthquake, or feeling it start to sink under your feet when you step in quicksand?


76. Desert or Ocean?

Would you rather be stranded in the desert or in a boat lost at sea?

Person Walking In Desert


77. Daybreak or Sunset?

Do you prefer to watch the sun coming up or going down?


78. River or Lake?

Which body of water would you rather visit?

Lake In Vietnam


79. Cave or Summit?

Would you rather explore an underground cavern or hike to the top of a snow covered peak?


Five Senses “This or That” Questions

The following set of questions revolves around the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

80. Sweet or Savory?

If you had to pick just one of these amazing taste sensations, which would it be?

Slice Of Chocolate Cake On Plate


81. Hearing or Sight?

If you could only choose to experience one of these two vital senses for the rest of your life, which would you choose?


82. Smell or Taste?

Would you rather only be able to only enjoy aromas or savor the taste of your food?

Woman Smelling Soap


83. Physical or Emotional Pain?

If you could choose to feel pain only in your body or with your emotions for the rest of your life, which would you choose?


84. Cold or Heat?

Do you usually feel too cold, or too hot? Which sensation (cold or heat) do you prefer?


85. Smooth or Rough?

Which tactile sensation do you prefer, feeling something with a rough or bumpy surface, or an object with a smooth, slippery surface?

Smooth Pebbles On Beach


86. Noisy or Quiet?

Do you like to hear music played loudly or quietly? What about the volume on the television or other electronic devices? Do you keep it turned up or turned down?


87. Loud Chewing or Loud Breathing?

Which sound drives you the most crazy, hearing someone loudly chewing their food, or breathing heavily?


88. Colorblind or Unable to Smell?

Would you rather lose the ability to see color or lose your sense of smell?

Face Painted Different Colors


89. No Bad Smells or No Bad Tastes?

If you could suddenly lose the ability to smell any unpleasant odors or to taste any unpleasant tastes, which would you choose?


Personal “This or That” Questions

This category of questions is all about you: your personality, your preferences, and what you would choose to do with your life.

90. Formal Education or Life Experience?

Which would you find most fulfilling, going to school or experiencing life out in the “real world”?

University Graduates Throwing Hats In Air


91. Famous or Obscure?

Do you wish everyone knew who you were or are you more comfortable flying below the radar?


92. Journey or Destination?

Are you focused on reaching your goals or are you just enjoying the scenery as you travel through this journey called life?

Woman Looking Out Of Train Window


93. Giving or Taking?

Are you more focused on what you can get out of life, or what you can contribute to help others?


94. Believing or Seeing?

Which is most central to your way of thinking: faith or experience?

Man Praying


95. Fitting In or Being Yourself?

Would you rather be part of the in crowd or stay true to who you really are?


96. Talking or Listening?

What is most dominant in your communication style?

Woman Talking In Forest


97. Shy or Outgoing?

Do you prefer to be a wall flower or the life of the party?


98. Act or React?

Do you prefer to initiate things or hang back and wait for someone else to make the first move in any given situation?


99. Dreaming or Doing?

Do you spend more of your time inside your mind or engaged in activity?

Man Standing On Mountain


100. Fitting In or Being Yourself?

Would you rather be part of the in crowd or stay true to who you really are?


General “This or That” Questions

This question category includes questions on a bunch of random topics. These would be perfect questions to ask just about anyone.

101. Up or Down?

How do you leave the toilet seat when you get ready to leave the bathroom? Be honest!

Bathroom With Toilet Seat Down


102. Under or Over?

Which way should the toilet paper roll go?


103. Laces or No Laces?

Do you prefer shoes that do or do not need to be tied?

Man Doing Up Shoelaces


104. Country or Rock and Roll?

Which music genre do you like the best?


105. Ticklish or Not Ticklish?

If you say you’re not, be prepared for someone in the room to try and find out if you’re telling the truth!


106. Stomach or Back?

Which position gives you the best night’s sleep?

Woman Sleeping On Back


107. Half a Tank or Long After the Light Comes On?

Do you put gas in your car as soon as it gets to half a tank, or do you wait until you’re running on fumes?


108. Television or Computer?

Which electronic device do you spend more of your time on?


109. Diet or Exercise?

If you’re trying to lose weight and you can only pick one, which of the two are you going to focus on?

Men Working Out In Gym


110. Alone Time or Gathering With Others?

Which of the two do you cherish the most?


Each of these question categories can serve as a great way to start a conversation. Keep this list handy to pull out at your next office party, reunion, or just for a fun evening at home with your family.

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